Our Founder

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I'm ambitious and I have really high hopes for the network and what it will be. They say things work out how they should, and I just can't help but wish for the time to have gotten to know you all better and learned more about the struggles you face as a designer. I've been in this industry for 15 years and what I know to be true is that there is a place for you to be extremely profitable and fulfilled as an interior designer, with the proper structure. We want to be able to provide you all with that structure, profitability, press, knowledge, credentials, resources, brand ambassador opportunities, pioneer partnerships, and more. We've come to realize that foundation is key. In the future from 2017 on out, we will focus on becoming strong entrepreneurs, and designers, all while giving you what you need to succeed as a minority in the design community. I understand now that fully understanding what the journey is, is learning how to navigate changes along the way. Though life can interrupt things and delay our beginnings, we are capable at any moment of starting over and giving it all one more try. Thank You for being excellent and creative! 


Kimberly Elaine Ward



             Our President 

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Keia McSwain is a focused innovator positioned to be the next trailblazer of the Black Interior Designers Network. A native of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Ms. McSwain has always had a passion for design. While only a 6th grader, Ms. McSwain completely tailored her bedroom to meet the conceptualized design stylings of famed Traditionalist, Elsie De Wolfe.  It was Keia’s mother that first realized Keia’s talents, and helped guide Ms. McSwain towards her life’s passion, Interior Design.  

Although Keia found her passion at an early age, it was her unique experiences and diverse education that allowed her to become the expert talent she is today. Ms. McSwain earned her Bachelor’s of Arts in English, with a Minor in Writing from Tougaloo College. It was during her senior year at Tougaloo, while she was teaching in private education, that she began to master communication skills to share the aesthetics of interior design.  Furthermore, it was her pursuit of a Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling from Mississippi College that solidified her communications skills to educate the world regarding her passion. In 2013, Ms. McSwain had a change of heart, and she realized life was entirely too short to do anything besides pursuing her passion.

Ms. McSwain moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 2014.  She began working in the Kitchen & Bath Showroom Industry as an Inside Design Representative.  A student of design, Keia filled her free-time by studying and researching; Modern, Contemporary, Minimalist, Industrial, and the other popular Interior Design styles and techniques.  It was during such research, she met a blogger.  This blogger introduced Keia to Ms. Kimberly Ward, owner of Pink Eggshell, a black interior decorator magazine and a pioneer for those underrepresented in the interior design industry, who ultimately became a mentor to Ms. McSwain.

2 & ½ years under the mentorship of Kimberly Ward has forged a technical understanding of Interior Design not matched by many. It is this knowledge base, as well as her ability to educate, that has allowed her to take the helm of the Black Interior Designers Network.  

Ms. McSwain has established strategic partnerships with premier industry leaders such as Design-Trade Services.  With their assistance, she has simplified the transitional period for new interior designers, as well as actualized the annualized budget constraints and eradicated high premiums for the high-end pieces.  Her newly developed website has benefited new designers, created portfolio management opportunities, and eased access to information necessary for the culmination business practices, trade and industry re-education, and contract legalities.

Ms. McSwain is currently the Owner and Project Manager of Kimberly & Cameron Interiors.  Additionally, she serves as the President of the Black Interior Designers Network. Her persistence and strong leadership has allowed her personal dream of being the impetus to the growth and expansion of BIDN.