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Thank you for your interest in the Black Interior Designers Network.  We are the nation’s largest and fastest-growing organization for professional black interior designers.  Our organization is more than a social club.  In addition to providing networking opportunities through our regional and national events, we offer client referrals, access to our exclusive buying group, and business development opportunities.

The BIDN believes while talent is important it is useless unless paired with the proper business tools and access to proven methods of wealth creations. 

Since its inception, the BIDN had held events that bring much-needed attention to designers of color. The industry has taken notice.  The record number of black designers attending furniture markets and trade shows emphasizes the power of the BIDN.  National shelter publications, Fortune 500 companies, and network executives have all taken notice of our success.  In 2016, three members of the Black Interior Designers Network were featured in separate issues of Traditional Home Magazine.  For a publication that only publishes 12 issues a year, we feel this is a big win for the entire black design community.

Our members are passionate about interior design, to say the least.  From TV appearances to magazine features, they are the people to call when you want the best design advice from the best designers in the business.

And we’ve only just begun.  When you join today your talents will be added to the pool of designers who are shaping the future of the interior design industry.

If you'd like to be considered to be added to the directory or to nominate a designer, please fill out the National Black Interior Designers Directory Application and we will get back to you with more details.


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